Wednesday, March 13, 2013

OnStar Empowers Everyday Citizens to Help Others

DETROIT – Have you ever noticed a stranded vehicle or witnessed a vehicle crash? How did you react – did you stop to help?
Every day, OnStar receives hundreds of calls from subscribers requesting emergency assistance on behalf of someone else in need of help. By simply pressing the red emergency button in the vehicle, subscribers are connected to a specially trained OnStar Emergency Advisor who can request emergency services and instruct on how to help before they arrive.
OnStar has begun a Good Samaritan recognition program to recognize motorists who go above and beyond to assist others. Today, in advance of National Good Samaritan Day on Wednesday, it named Tyler Andrews – a Dallas resident who took the time to “pay it forward” with a big-hearted act of kindness – its 2012 OnStar Good Samaritan of the Year.
As the victim of a serious hit-and-run accident in 2008, Andrews has firsthand experience of the life-saving abilities of OnStar, and recently used his OnStar service to help a family in need.
While driving onto the southbound entrance ramp of the Dallas North Toll Way in his GMC Sierra Denali last year, Andrews noticed a Ford Expedition stopped in the middle of the ramp. Andrews pulled alongside the vehicle and found an unresponsive man, along with his wife and three daughters.
“I pushed my OnStar button the second I came upon the scene,” said Andrews. “OnStar stayed with us the entire time, giving us instructions and helping us to remain calm.”
Two OnStar advisors spoke with Andrews. One obtained incident details and alerted emergency personnel. The second advisor provided pre-arrival medical instructions to Andrews so he could help revive the motorist.
Paramedics and the fire department arrived within minutes and provided additional medical assistance to the driver.
“Tyler Andrews exemplifies the essence of what the OnStar Good Samaritan recognition program is all about,” said OnStar Chief Operating Officer Terry Inch.
In 2012, OnStar subscribers used their service nearly 80,000 times to help others in need. Since OnStar began in 1996, it has received more than 655,000 Good Samaritan requests. “We want to recognize consumers who exhibit such unselfish acts of kindness,” said Inch.
“I’ve been in that family’s shoes,” said Andrews. “I honestly feel OnStar was my guardian angel on the night of my accident. I am grateful OnStar was there for me and that I could give the power of its service to someone else.”
About Good Samaritan Day
Good Samaritan Day dates to the March 13, 1964 murder of Catherine (“Kitty”) Genovese. Genovese was steps from her New York apartment when she was attacked. Despite her cries for help, no passersby came to her aid. The national outrage over her neighbors’ inaction and concern about the social state of America prompted March 13 to be declared Good Samaritan Involvement Day.
OnStar, LLC (OnStar) is a wholly owned subsidiary of GM Holdings LLC (“GM”). Along with its affiliate Shanghai OnStar Telematics Co. Ltd (a joint venture involving OnStar, Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd (SGM) and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC)), OnStar serves more than 6.4 million subscribers in the U.S, Canada and China. OnStar is a provider of connected safety, security and mobility solutions and advanced information technology and is available on 39 GM branded 2013 model year vehicles. OnStar's key services include automatic crash response, stolen vehicle assistance, remote door unlock, turn-by-turn navigation, vehicle diagnostics and hands-free calling.

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